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In many cultures the symbol of the Dove represents tenderness and purity. This is the reason why the brand’s trademark is the Dove! South Africa’s No.1 cotton wool brand is soft, gentle and tender to the touch and 100% pure cotton, which is ideal when it comes to caring for delicate skin areas.

Dove products are specially crafted to ensure the ultimate in cosmetic, hygiene and baby care. Among Dove’s range of cotton wool products, you’ll find something to satisfy every aspect of your personal care and beauty regimes. They’re all made from top-quality, 100% pure cotton wool, manufactured in an ultra hygienic environment, and designed to enhance those little rituals that are an integral part of your day.

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Our Range

Hygiene Range

Cotton Hygiene Wipes

This is the only 100% cotton hygiene wipe on the market.

Cotton Wool Pleats

The 100% pure cotton pleats are soft and absorbent and have a perforated design, which enables you to tear off only what you need.

Cotton Wool Puffs

Dove 100% pure cotton puffs are soft and absorbent.

Cotton Buds

Dove 100% pure cotton buds gently cleanse with their flexible, unbreakable stems, which are safer to use for personal hygiene purposes.

Cotton Wool Rolls

Dove 100% pure cotton rolls are economical and convenient for everyday use.

Cosmetic Range

Cotton Cosmetic Wipes

The wipes remove make-up and waterproof mascara. They are dermatologically tested and cleanse skin without irritation.

Cotton Wool Rounds 30's

The dual textured cotton wool pads cleanse and exfoliate in one easy step, leaving no messy fibres.

Cotton Wool Rounds 80's

The cotton rounds are ideal and recommended for deep cleansing of the face, and gentle cleansing of the eye area.

Cosmetic Tips

The pointed cotton tips facilitate expert application and removal of make-up.

Baby Range

Cotton Wool Circles

They’re gentle and absorbent for cleansing your baby’s sensitive skin.

Cotton Wool Clouds

Dove baby cotton wool clouds are made from 100% pure cotton, and are so soft every time you use one it's like giving your baby an extra cuddle.

Cotton Wands

With their flexible and unbreakable stems, you'll find them ideal for cleaning the delicate areas around your baby's outer ears, eyes, nose and naval.