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Our head office based at Maxwell Office Park in Waterfall City is a green development with various energy efficient solutions installed in the building including low energy lighting which automatically switches off when an area is not in use.

In our mills and warehouses, a new water filtration system has been designed to help reduce emissions from diesel forklifts. In an effort to reduce energy consumption in the mills and warehouses, motor starters have been replaced with variable frequency drives and incandescent light bulbs and florescent tubes are replaced with energy saving LED (Light Emission Diodes) bulbs and tubes.

We are continuously exploring new ways in which we can further reduce our impact on the environment.


Providing basic sustenance and nutrition is at the heart of what we do. At Premier, we are committed to providing food products to cater for consumers’ everyday needs.

Our consumers tell us that a home is not a home if you don’t have bread in it. Premier produces over 500 million loaves of bread per annum and our bread delivery vehicles travel more than 33 million kilometers to deliver bread to our consumers every year.

Our consumers also tell us that if you have flour or maize meal in your home, your family will not go hungry. With more than 800 000 tons of wheat and 600 000 tons of maize, Premier ensures that our products are readily available to ensure that children are able to go to school and to bed with a nutritious meal in their stomachs.

Through our CSI initiatives we are able to distribute food to people in need such as:
  • Meals on Wheels which feeds 1200 people every day
  • Aerobeng Hospice which feeds 300 people every day
  • Backhome Foundation which feeds 190 people every day
  • Akani Diepsloot Foundation which feeds 1410 children every day
  • Vosloorus old age home which feeds 289 people every day


All across Africa, many girls miss up to 50 days of school each and every year because they do not have access to sanitary protection. Premier recognises that education is a basic right and a key enabler for individuals and communities to sustain themselves into the future.

To this end Premier is committed to keeping girls in school throughout the year by providing a range of sanitary protection products to women and is in support of initiatives such as Caring4girls and Trek4Mandela. Premier has a school education programme for girls in South Africa and in the UK.


Premier also provides assistance by means of adhoc donations. Examples of these include:
  • Tomorrow’s Trust Christmas party for 1000 orphaned children from disadvantaged communities;
  • Phillipi House food pods job creation project where 21 improvement projects have been identified which includes the distribution of bread and vegetables to the community and employment of 12 people in the Phillipi community.

For more information regarding Premier’s CSI initiatives, please email csi@premierfmcg.com.