Share that mmmm Yum Taste

Blue Ribbon

Flour. Water. Yeast. The three simple things that make a loaf of bread, but it’s the ability to share, care and connect over Blue Ribbon bread, which has been bringing South Africans together since 1882. Our commitment to delivering superior quality bread goes without saying - it’s in our DNA! 

Continuous improvements to our product recipe means that our loaves are packed full of flavour and freshness – always delivering on that mmmm Yum Taste. Whether you slice it, fill it or cover it, whether it’s the slice of toast from mom that saves the day or sandwiches enjoyed on a road-trip with friends – our bread represents a lifetime of shared moments and a taste that brings us together. 

Available in South Africa, eSwatini, Mozambique and Lesotho.
Classic White Blue Ribbon Classic White loaves are packed with energy and fortified with extra vitamins and minerals for great taste and extra nutrition.
Classic Brown Blue Ribbon Classic Brown loaves have an improved recipe, delivering an even better mmmm Yum Taste and loaf that is fresher and softer than before.
Wholewheat Brown Blue Ribbon Wholewheat Brown loaves are the perfect choice for the health-conscious consumer. Packed with fibre for happy tummies and high in vitamin D.
DUO Blue Ribbon DUO is a high in fibre white bread and combines the best of both worlds delivering the same mmmm Yum Taste of white bread but with the goodness of brown.
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