Choose what works for you

Lil-lets SA

Launched in 1954 and with over 60 years of experience & innovation, Lil-lets is committed to providing women with ultimate protection and comfort.

Lil-lets is one of South Africa’s leading feminine hygiene brands and is the No. 1 tampon brand in South Africa. Our range includes tampons, pads, pantyliners, maternity, organics, menstrual cups, intimate care and incontinence. Lil-lets is the only brand to offer women products in every format, for every flow, because we at Lil-lets know that each women has the right to Choose What Works For You.

Available in South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho and eSwatini.

Non-applicator Tampons Our SmartFit range of tampons provides ultimate protection against leaks, keeping you comfortable for longer
Maxi Pads Super Scented Our super soft and absorbent Maxi Pads available in a range of absorbencies for up to 8-hour protection.
Essential Pads Unscented Lil-lets quality at an affordable price that is shaped for comfort.
Everyday Freshness Pantyliners Our range of pantyliners provides protection and freshness for everyday usage.
Intimate Feminine Care Crème Wash Formulated to provide everyday freshness and maintain the natural pH balance of your vagina.
Maternity Pads Extra-long pad that offers maximum protection and peace of mind.
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