The Royal Taste


Nyala is a brand that goes back more than half a century. Rich in heritage, it remains deeply entrenched in KwaZulu-Natal and a firm favourite within this South African community. The majestic Nyala buck found on every pack is native to KwaZulu-Natal and represents its namesake - isi-Zulu i-Nyala which symbolises the natural goodness of the delicious and authentic maize meal.

Every day Nyala proudly brings it all together with a wide range of products: Nyala Super Maize Meal, Nyala Samp and Nyala Instant Maize Porridge. These products offer a solution for every meal occasion, making breakfast, lunch, snacking and dinner better and tastier.

Nyala makes normal meals more memorable through its royal and authentic-tasting products. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Nyala doesn’t just make meals, it makes meals made with pride.
Super Maize Meal Nyala Super Maize Meal is a delicious and authentic super maize meal product that cooks to an even consistency for a smooth taste on the palate.
Samp Nyala Samp is made from degeminated maize and is often prepared with sugar beans to make a delicious and tasty dish called ‘Umngqusho’.
Instant Maize Porridge All five Nyala Instant Maize Porridge flavours mix instantly with hot/cold, milk or water for an authentic and delicious tasting breakfast with 12 vitamins plus iron and zinc.
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